6th Grade

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Stock Market

For Language Arts class, we were reading a book called The Westing Game. In there there’s a character called Turtle who has a passion for fake investing. She wins 10,000 dollars and make’s it 11,000…

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My Story

I made a story for school and I’ve decided to publish the first few chapters starting with chapter one…     Chapter 1 – Who am I? That was the fateful day when an un-ordinary…

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Window or Mirror???

Today I’m going to write about a book I’m reading called Sabotage. A window book is a book like Harry Potter, I’m not a British wizard.  In short, it’s not relatable to your life. A…

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What punctuation am I ?

  If you’ve ever wondered I think I am a question mark. Why? Because I am curious and love to learn new things. I read books filled with facts (albeit outdated, with countries of the…

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My January Habit

You may remember my daily habit of January, here’s all about how it went! My daily habit was to not make any silly mistakes in math. Why? I spent hours redoing math works because of…

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News of the day

Back when Obama was president he wanted to remove Jackson from the 20 dollar bill and replace him with Harriet Tubman. Why? Because Andrew Jackson pushed many Native Americans off their Southern Homeland. He did…

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3 points 1-20-21

 On this day 84 years ago FDR gets sworn into his first term. The first-time Presidential Inauguration happened on January 20th, due to the 20th amendment  Joe Biden will get sworn in Today, most people…

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